BIGALPS aims at creating a market breakthrough in the soil stabilization field by offering a unique bio-technology for soil treatment, a complete environmentally friendly solution with the capacity to treat some of the most critical soil stability problems related to current societal challenges (landslides, erosion, foundation soil stabilization, etc.). Bio-cementation is an innovative nature-inspired soil improvement technique, based on the metabolic activity of microorganisms to produce calcium carbonate that binds the soil particles together. The technology has the potential to substitute energy-intensive and polluting soil improvement methods currently available that are hazardous to the natural environment, thereby contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The project builds up on two previous ERC projects (Advanced ERC and Proof of Concept) that allowed among others the development of three patents.

BIGALPS is the natural continuation of previous accomplishments and will further mature and validate the bio-cementation technology to achieve full compatibility with real environment, existing norms and industry standards while explore the most efficient business model. The work will address two interconnected objectives: (1) mature and validate the bio-cementation technology in solving real engineering problems related to current society needs (landslides, erosion and foundation soil stabilization) and (2) achieve the market uptake as an alternative to traditional cement-based soil improvement techniques. Three pilot sites will be used to mature and demonstrate the technology in real environment as well as to introduce the technology in specific markets of Europe with direct feedback and help from main players of the industry. The goal is to have a market-ready solution which will be investment ready and “de-risked” to ultimately create a market breakthrough and grow into the next big thing in geo-technical and geo-environmental engineering.

Modification date : 20 February 2024 | Publication date : 15 March 2023 | Redactor : Antoine Wautier